Graduation speech goals.

  • Why do you like being at VHS?

Isaak has a lot of cool friends and he likes being apart of the drama department.

  • How has being at VHS enhanced your life?

It taught him of how he is and his friends helped him blossom into the person he was today.

  • What is something people may not know about you that is special or unique?

Isaak can sing, act, entertain, and make people happy when they don’t want to be.

  • Is there something that has surprised you about VHS or the community at large that makes you happy?

“The amount of support from friends and teachers.”

  • What makes you smile?

“Being able to entertain and put on a show, because I think reactions and laughter end in a reward in it’s own.”

  • Anything else you might think of

Isaak wishes to do the graduation speech and have the best senior one act.