Determined person

Sumon is a 14 year old freshman at Valencia High School in Placentia CA, and this is her. VHS has enhanced and even bettered her life not just for now but for later due to all the broader choice of classes to contribute to her future and interests. VHS surprised her in the sense that there is such a huge diversity of atmosphere this school has. Sumon is different in sense that she is not only a determined person but also very calm and collected. She pushes herself to her limits and even past that. Even when she is stressed or aggravated she stays calm and collected and deals with the situation. She enjoys her time at VHS because of the variety of choices not only of classes, but sports, clubs, and other ways for many different people to express themselves. Her friends and family make her smile everyday and keep her happy. Sumon is not only intelligent, and involved in IB here at Valencia, she is also “sporty” and plays soccer and volleyball, but not for the school.