TRINITY is the Best Ever

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I’m currently a senior at Valencia High School(VHS). Growing up I’ve always wanted to fit in but I never pictured who I could really be as an individual. As of now I enjoy having the mindset of being different. Being part of VHS has played a big role on meeting new close friends, interacting with teachers, and finding out what I enjoy doing. I love doing things such as drawing, boxing, solving 3×3 rubik’s cubes, and being around my best friends. My top three biggest idols have to be Logic, Gary V., and Ryan Garcia. Logic has inspired me to be a very positive person and no matter what, everyone deserves to be treated the same and just be yourself. Gary V. simply is making me gain confidence in succeeding in my future, by explaining that we as individuals have to take chances, fail and gain from it, and leave the road and create your own path. The last person, Ryan Garcia, is an upcoming boxer he’s such a young and talented person and boxing is my favorite sport so I believe his effort as an athlete will get him places, it’s all about hardwork and dedication and thats something Id like to live up to. I enjoy the fact that I get to live a positive and healthy life. All the things I receive, all the feedback I get, and the support people give me pushes me to be the person I am today and I try my best to not take things for granted. I believe in myself and the people around me that we can all become someone and reach for new heights. My biggest dream as of now is to become an Architect and giving my mom the house and garden she has visioned about having. Giving back and being kind will always make me happy :).TRINITY is the best ever.