Tiger Family

There are many things that I like about attending Valencia but one of the most important is the diversity that is present in the faculty and student population. I believe that this provides such a rich and interactive learning environment, because it makes sure that no student feels left out at any point. There is also a unity that surrounds you as soon as you step foot on school campus that automatically makes you feel like you are part of the Tiger Family. Simply being a student at Valencia has enhanced my life so much. It has shown me to excel in all things possible and that no matter how many times you fall there will always be people there to pick you back up. One of the things that really interested me in Valencia is that there are so many different programs and classes that you don’t have to fit into a special mold. This school is one of the few that let you pursue your dreams with the wide variety of classes both AP and regular that it provides. This really helped me because I love to bake and cook. I am overall interested in the entire culinary industry and being able to take a class here at Valencia that helps me develop that passion is extraordinary. Like I said before Valencia is a school that epitomises what high school is all about. It has rigorous coursework to prepare us for college but it also has a wide variety of electives that will help you explore your passions or find new ones.