Pride for Tigers

The community is what makes Valencia so wonderful, that’s why he likes being a part if. The people he met left such an impact on his life and the teachers taught him so much including life lessons, which he likes the feeling that they leave the same impact on other students. As the school slogan goes he feels pride in the school’s pride tradition and excellence. He’s always had such a pride for the school, because it’s where he spent 4 years of his life in and it’s a big part of his life now. The people he met there are his closest friends and that’s his community even if he doesn’t physically live in that city. His life is very family oriented and he loves it.” Even if you don’t want to do something, they make you do it and you learn to love it.” with a sister still at VHS he still had that connection to the school through his experiences and through living the new experiences out with his sister.