Positive atmosphere

What I like about being in VHS is that the school contains a positive atmosphere. I say this because most of the students are very helpful and the teachers for the most part are very encouraging towards the students. Being in VHS has helped enhance my life academically since I feel that the classes I took have helped me become prepared for the workload that I will have in college. Not only that but VHS has enhanced my communication skills through the many group projects and teamwork activities that are done in the classrooms.  Something that people may not know about me is that I know how to play the saxophone. Playing the saxophone was one of my favorite hobbies because I liked taken the arrangements of notes to create a beautiful song. Something that makes me happy about attending VHS is that most of the teachers are very kind and always make class interesting, Also many of the teachers at Valencia are very supportive and always find ways to connect with the students by sharing information about their own lives. One thing that made me happy was joining the big brother big sister program at Valencia because through the program I was able to do volunteer work. In the program I became a mentor to a fourth grader and have been able to help create a positive impact on another person’s life.