• Why do you like being at VHS?

“ I like being at Valencia High School because I am fully able to learn and grow from my abilities as a unique individual. At VHS, I get to meet new friends and acquaintances that give me an opportunity to connect with one another. It truly creates friendships that can last a lifetime, even beyond the role of high school. Because VHS has so many activities outside the classroom, I get to express my talents and experience new ones that I didn’t know I was capable of doing, such as running or sprinting in the cross country/track team. VHS makes me feel welcomed because there’s rarely no judgement by any faculty members or classmates. I’m capable of acting with the fullest of my personality without any harsh conflicts from others.”


  • How has being at VHS enhanced your life?

VHS provides a healthy environment for me to expand my knowledge in the educational system. This school has helped me become who I am today by shaping my own experiences in life. I feel that Valencia has guided me to become more confident in my abilities as an individual. Before high school, I was a shy person who never spoke up for herself and had a low self-esteem. Now, I have better confidence in myself that I thought I never had in me. Additionally, I am able to be a more responsible person from VHS since it had duties into becoming an adult. It prepares me for the real world outside of schooling as well.”


  • What is something people may not know about you that is special or unique?

“Something that people may not know about me is that I enjoy different forms of the arts such as playing the piano and drawing. I have always loved playing music on the piano since I was 6 years old, and it makes me happy to perform. Drawing has always been a passion of mine since I was a little child. Whenever there’s a free opportunity to draw, I highly set my focus to a start of a new art piece. I think it’s fun to have this special ability through different school projects or other assignments that require depictions in them.”


  • Is there something that has surprised you about VHS or the community at large that makes you happy?

“Something that has surprised me about VHS is that I did not expect for it to be as welcoming as I thought. When I entered into Valencia, I still had the fear of the experience into a new school with people that were ready to go off to college. I was nervous of college preparations, knowing that high school is what colleges look through in applications. I never expected that it would be so friendly and nice! Teachers and other new classmates made me feel comfortable in high school. Throughout the last year, I got to meet people that made me happy to be at VHS. The experience that I had was amazing, and I feel like it enabled me to be my own true self.”


  • What  makes you smile?

“I think various things make me smile like friendships and jokes. Meeting new people was something that I enjoyed ever since I joined high school. Having that connection with someone made me happier as a person rather than no connection at all. Friends were there for me in days when I was dealing with sadness or rough times. These relationships guided me to a happier lifestyle, and I am definitely grateful for those who have impacted my life in positive ways. The jokes that they crack make me laugh, so it made me smile through anything negative. Because of this, I feel like friendships have a true influence throughout my life.”


  • Anything else you might think of

“Valencia High School is, thus so far, a positive high school experience that made me live up to my fullest potential. I faced a year of developing myself to become a better person through VHS and its people. Since freshman year, it has impacted me so much to further develop my skills for the future.”