Opportunities here to succeed.

I enjoy the diversity of the students here. I also enjoy my friends and the staff that supports me here. I like how you can be yourself at VHS and that you can always find someone to talk to that share the same interests as you. Being at VHS has taught me that I can be myself and grow as a person. I have made lifelong friendships here. I wanted to come here because my older sisters came here and I too wanted to experience the VHS student life. I can lick my elbow. I have a two older sisters. I was born on June 29, 2001. I have lived here since I was born. My parents are from Pakistan.

I was surprised that people here are so nice and welcoming. Walking in on my first day I didn’t expect to have met so many new people that I now consider some of my best friends. I am also surprised that there are so many opportunities here to succeed and that the staff here on campus give so much support to their students.