Liking School

  • Why do you like being at VHS? She enjoys seeing her friends doing art and it’s a way she can get out of the house
  • How has being at VHS enhanced your life? It’s really made a change in her life academically and socially for the better she has learned to come out of her shell and talk to all she met some very important people in her life on the way
  • What is something people may not know about you that is special or unique? She is great at guitar she loves oldie music and she love all things nature and when it’s time to draw she impresses everyone  
  • Is there something that has surprised you about VHS or the community at large that makes you happy? All the friendly  people she met in her life these 4 year and the great teacher he won’t ever forget
  • What  makes you smile? Her boyfriend that she’s been with 2 years 6 months since sophomore year
  • Anything else you might think of? The fact that she grew so much during the time at Valencia to being mature and working