It’s the race, not the run.

“Many people know me for being on the cross country team and because of that, they always assume that I like running. My passion isn’t for running, it’s for racing, which for me is a lot different from just running. Racing puts me in a different state of mind, a more confident one. Feeling the adrenaline inside of me for 15 minutes of a 3 mile race is one of the most exciting things I’ve ever felt. Just running is boring. To go out a couple miles at a decent pace only to come back to where I started. I really don’t see a purpose. But I understand that in order to get faster, to get stronger, I need to practice and train which is where one would think I do the boring but tiring act of running. This is where I get my second happiness from the sport because if it weren’t for the teammates and people who run with me, I would not have the same passion for the sport. Running shows me a different side of people I already know. A hard working side as they run 5 to 12 miles right by my side, not giving out on me because they know I’m doing the same for them. I can’t say I like running, but racing has changed my life forever.”