Different ethnicities, cultures, races, and styles!

“I like the diversity of VHS…there’s not many places where there is a melting pot full of different ethnicities, cultures, races, and styles. What surprises me is how diverse everyone’s friend groups are and how well they get along with each other which just shows how big of a family we are. Being at VHS made me realize how everyone has a different view of things and how no 1 answer is correct. For example, just like how in math you can find the slope of a line a million ways, there is a variety of different people and each of their mindsets are unique. One thing people don’t assume when they first see me is that I love playing and listening to music. I think music is the only thing I can connect to because it makes me feel a type of emotion I can’t explain. It makes me feel like I can achieve anything as long as if I put my mind to it.  It’s what ultimately made me join VHS band and ultimately be team captain.  Just seeing people laugh and have a good time makes me smile because it spreads positivity and with all the negativity going around the world and in the news, I think we can use some of that positivity!”