Can’t box me in!

I am a person that has never been defined into a certain criteria because I am not one to be in only one thing. And I have been able to continue that into high school which makes me happy because I thought when I entered VHS I might have to stick to one certain “status quo” and was scared I would not be able to stay friends with my crew, but that didn’t happen at all. Yes, I have lost some friends but the ones that were worth it have stayed through the whole experience. And with those friends I have been able to continue to do what makes me happy. Which is acting like a goof ball no matter who sees me, doing as I please not caring what others will think of me as long as I am happy it’s all good, and working on my art; let it me my drawings, ceramics, my poetry, or my singing. My own friends can testify that I have done some weird things out in public that many would not do in fear of the stares but that is exactly what I love having others stare showing them that they shouldn’t care either. And it makes me smile when other people decide to join me in my shenanigans and make a fool of themselves too, let it be singing at the top of our lungs or dancing to a random song we hear out on the street. Also what makes me happy is spending time with those that I cherish and hold close to my heart, as in family and friends.