Always Room to Improve


¬†Hello i’m Caleb Stough and I enjoy doing many things not just including my own personal life ,but my school life as well. At home I enjoy drawing and sketching almost
anything it’s fun to improve upon that skill. I don’t always think my work is as good as it could be ,but putting in my best effort into what I enjoy gives me a sense of accomplishment. In that aspect I see school the same way. Though sometimes the work is overwhelming and sometimes I don’t perform as well as I’d like to. I can always make improvements. So when I do my best to get those hard projects done and those long nights of homework and studying finished and I get good scores on my tests and quizzes I feel that it was all worth it and I made an accomplishment. With these personal accomplishments I feel inspired to continue giving my best effort in anything I do. Because when I give my best effort in anything I feel that I can accomplish any goal I set my mind to.