Live to Volunteer


I’m a people person. I mean, that’s not all there is to me, but I like to help other people. And being that I like to help other people, it is obvious that I love to volunteer. It wasn’t always this way, however. Before my sophomore year, I didn’t really enjoy volunteering and felt as though its only use was to get me community service hours. But then one Thanksgiving, I took food to a homeless woman in the park because I wanted her to be able to enjoy food like the rest of my family, and the look of gratitude on her face changed my entire outlook on life. After that moment, I began to volunteer a whole lot more. I donated my time and effort to organizations like the PYLUSD Summer Enrichment Program, a memory care facility, a food bank, LINK Crew, and so much more. I even completed my Eagle Scout Project for H.I.S. House, which I was especially proud of. So yeah, I’m a people person, and I always will be.