Stage Left


One memory from being at Valencia was drama and I’m not in it anymore, but being in there for almost 2 1/2 years helped find myself. I was lost for a while and whenever I got on that stage, I felt like I found myself. All of those years of acting as someone else and trying to find myself was really found in all the parts I played. Every character was different, but in some ways I found myself in them. Whether if it was a wife trying to help her husband through something, a sick little girl, or a princess trying to figure out a way to be herself with her parents’ support; those characters helped with who I am today and I am greater for that opportunity. My two main passions are making people happy and anything that has to do with arts, so seeing those people happy and connecting to the characters plus me performing was like winning the jackpot. So like I said I’m not in drama anymore, but I did leave the stage knowing that I gave it my all.